Zblocze, 13 ton

Zblocze, bloczek zwrotny
obciążenie robocze 13 ton

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Zblocze od Rugged Rdge, obciążenie robocze WLL 30 000 lbs / 13 ton. Można stosować z liną sysntetyczną bądź stalową o średbicy do 1/2 cala.

Use the Rugged Ridge Snatch Block Pulley to double your winch capacity! This durable 9 inch long pulley is constructed from 1/4 cold rolled steel and is suitable for use up to 30,000lbs. For use with winch cables up to 1/2 inch diameter. The pulley can be used to double the capacity for your winch, or to reduce the strain on the winch motor and your electrical system. For recovery operations where a straight pull is not viable option, the pulley helps change the angle of your pull.

Cechy kluczowe
  • Cold rolled steel
  • 30,000Lb working load limit
  • Up to 1/2 cable or rope
  • 9 inch pulley
  • Double the capacity for your winch or reduce strain
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Gwarancja producenta: 5 Letnia Ograniczona

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29 000 lbs / 13 000 kg
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