Towbox V1

Bagażnik montowany na hak holowniczy, model Towbox V1 Dog


TowBox is a muntifunctional product intended to carry luggage, bicycles, dogs, pets, baby strollers, wheelcharist...Is placed on the towbar ball, does not limit the speed of the vehicle.

Wybierz kolor

  • Approved as an independent technical unit. It does not need to pass MOT. Can be fitted by just one person in seconds with a single movement.
  • Closed large chest in plastic material suitable for all types of objects.
  • Adaptable to most tow hitches on the market.
  • Due to it being protected from the wind, annoying aerodynamic noises are avoided, with the consequent savings in fuel.
  • 280 liters. 
  • Impeccable appearance and functionality.
  • Made of medium density polyethylene to ensure extremely high resistance to knocks, twisting and corrosion.
  • Does not limit vehicle speed.
  • Can be fitted by just one person in seconds with a single movement.
  • Folding wheel system for easy fitting on the ball.
  • Easy access for loading. 
  • Sliding, drop down system for easy access to car boot.
  • Since it does not increase the vehicle height, it allows access to garages without any problem.
  • Anti-theft lock included.
  • Container equipped with two locks and a key, plus two holes for padlocks.
  • Carrying capacity of 50 to 54 kg. (According to the model). (Consult current legislation and maximum vertical load limits allowed for the tow hitch).
  • Lights with reverse and fog lights.
  • Electrical installation included (13 pin). (13/7 pin adaptor included).
  • Approved as an independent technical unit. It does not need to pass MOT. EC-type approval.
  • Drainage holes for easy cleaning.
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