Syntetyczna lina wyciągarki, niebieska, średnica 9mm, 30 metrów

Syntetyczna lina wyciągarki, niebieska
średnica 9mm, 30 metrów, zrywanie 7 500 kg

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Mocna i lekka syntetyczna lina wyciągarki o średnicy 11/32” (9mm) i długości 30 metrów,  o ciężarze zerwania 16 550 lbs.

Stronger and lighter, the two key elements of Synthetic Rope that make it the choice of competition off road vehicles everywhere. Rugged Ridge high strength Synthetic Winch Rope is constructed from genuine Dyneema SK-75 fiber imported from the Netherlands. This revolutionary fiber is the choice of off-road enthusiast worldwide. It is stronger and lighter than wire rope and never kinks or splinters! Our synthetic line is woven from twelve UV-treated strands, resulting in increased strength, and a power to weight ratio unmatched by wire rope. Each synthetic rope comes with a protective sleeve that prevents it from over heating on the winch drum, black powder coated latched hook, stainless steel thimble, and is pre-terminated end for ease of installation. Synthetic rope does not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the whiplash of broken wire rope.

Cechy kluczowe
  • Sleeve protected from overheating
  • 40% stronger than Kevlar
  • Floats on water
  • Will not splinter, kink or curl
  • Same high strength fabric used in ballistic body armor
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16 800 lbs / 7 600 kg
Dyneema® SK-75
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