5x7″ lampa halogenowa przeciwmgielna, Czarny

5x7″ lampa halogenowa przeciwmgielna, Czarny

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Prostokątna lampa halogenowa przeciwmgielna 5 x 7 - cali, żarówka 100 wat. Obudowa w kolorze czarnym wykonana ze stali. W zestawie także czarna osłona lampy.


Designed, engineered, and tested to stand up to the rigors of off road use, our lights are constructed with heavy-duty stamped steel housings, and crystal glass lenses set in shock absorbent weatherproof rubber gaskets. The brilliant 12V 100 watt halogen bulbs slice through fog, rain or snow to help illuminate the road even under the toughest conditions. Available in Round, Rectangular and Slim housings in either a black or stainless steel finish to best suit your application. Slim lights feature a narrow profile just 2 13/16 inch thick! This sleek design allows them to be mounted in places most lights won't fit. They are perfect for windshield and grille mount light systems. The lights are available individually or in kits containing a pre-terminated wiring harness, relay, impact resistant stone guards (white stone guards with stainless, black with black) and illuminated dash switch.

Cechy kluczowe

  • Black
  • 12V 100W
  • Shock absorbent
  • Waterproof

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