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Differential Lockers

Air Solenoid Kit

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This solenoid kit can be used with the OX locker air shift systems and can connect to the supplied switch, or your existing switch (sPOD, factory locker wiring, ect.) 
Differential Lockers

Drive Away Lock

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A must for the glovebox, this little gem will get you out of a bind. Should your shifting system fail or become trail damaged, simply screw this little guy into your OX differential cover for a manual lock. Remove spring and your unlocked.
Differential Lockers

Manual Shifter Lever

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The OX manual shifter is used for the ultimate in reliability and simplicity it features a fine tune cable adjuster, position lock, and universal mount bracket.
Differential Lockers

OX CO2 Air System Regulator

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Another keep it simple product from OX. Preset to operate your OX locker at the optimum pressure (85psi). Mounts to your Paintball CO2 tank available in many sizes and can be filled at your local sporting goods store. Up to 1200 shifts from a 12 oz tank (12 oz tank shown)
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