Off-road LED lights

Work LED lights allow very effective illumination of the area aroud your vehicle. They offer an extremely favorable ratio of brightness to energy consumed. At camping, during the night adventures, always use strong LED work lights when there is a need for strong and effective lighting.

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This 13.5 inch LED light bar provides all the light you need. It puts out 6,072 lumens of light and has both a flood and spot beam light pattern.
LED lights

Lampa LED, kwadratowa, Cree, 20W

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Lampa robocza LED, kwadratowa. Wyposażona w 4 diody Cree LED 5W o łącznej mocy 20W. Zasilana napięciem 9-32V. Jasność przy zasilaniu 12V wynosi 392 Lumenów. Jasność maksymalna: 1400 lumenów. Klasa szczelności: IP67.
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