Axle Seals

For many, replacing an axle seal does not happen until they fail and fluids are spilling out. Hopefully that isn't you, but regardless, Jeepmania has plenty of seals for just about every Jeep and axle type.

No matter if your axles are from the Dana series or an AMC 20. Even a Chrysler 8.25. You can find new axle seals to replace those older and worn ones. This way, you can seal out dirt or mud and provide peace of mind knowing your front or rear axles won't have a more serious problem down the line from seal failure.

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This inner axle oil seal from Omix fits Dana 30 front axles found in 72-83 CJ5, 72-75 CJ6, 76-86 CJ7, 81-85 CJ8 Scrambler, 84-90 Grand Wagoneer SJ, 84-01 Cherokee XJ, 86-92 Comanche MJ, 72-75 DJ5 Dispatcher, 93-04 Grand Cherokee ZJ/WJ, and 87-06 Wrangler YJ/TJ/LJ.
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